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    Another article:

    So they finally announced it, they are going to bring in a One Piece live action television series on TV with a guy who worked as a producer on Prison Break involved in the project. Well will this series get a Game of Thornes treatment? Will it follow the original story? Will it be popular like Games of Thrones? Even Oda is excited by this news. However this is not going to be in Japanese, this is going to be made here in America, made by tomorrow studios.

    Just imagine if this ever happened, this wiki is going to explode, we are going to end up covering t…

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    From "One Piece Newspaper" Vol. 2 translated by Sandman.

    - Oda used to say that all he needed was coffee and cola 4 years ago. But now Oda pays attention to his health. He makes it a rule to drink water 2 liters a day. He thinks he can stay healthy if only he drinks much water. He sometimes exercise on fitness equipments in his studio.

    - Oda usually sleeps for 3 hours a day. Oda doesn't want to spend much time on sleep since he is busy. He can sleep as much as he wants only after the day he finishes drawing every week. But he can't sleep much recently due to aging.

    - The interviewer asks Oda if he has some health issues now that he is in his 40s. Oda answers that his health is not good, but he can come up with an interesting manga thanks to h…

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    Well now you might think if I'm about to pull another of what I pulled in 2014 about my rent about One Piece not being appealing enough, well not this time. This time around I stumped upon this interesting bits from Kotaku about how One Piece is doing in Japan and here we see that 20% of people have grown tired of the series while 70% are not.

    Well, I cannot speak for you people and it's really up to you to think of your opinion here. For me since One Piece has gone on for almost 20 years, series that go that long was known to wear out and that is not very suprising despite many interesting things Oda threw in such as the Vinsmoke story, how Whole Cake Island has…

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    As the Straw Hat Pirates and Law nears the fortress of right stomach, being guided by Wanda and Carrot. The pirates were awestruck at the appearance of pineapple shaped houses, a ruined ship between the branches, and some parts of the gaint branches that has windows. However they were greeted by countless of Minks cheering upon them

    Wanda: Make a way for our savior's friends!

    Minks: Garchuu! Welcome Straw Hat Pirates!

    Franky: Huh?

    Robin: Holy.....

    Usopp: Okay, this is just wierd, or was Law's lying to us?

    Law: "Gasp!" I swear! I was not lying!! I heard it from some rumors!

    Usopp: And Bepo's a Mink you know, he should had told you about this place.

    Law: Oh, crap, did Oda screwed up here?

    Zoro: Hey, Nami-dog lady; I thought you guys are suppose to ha…

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    Five Nights at Luffy's

    October 8, 2015 by Joekido

    You might ask "Where's your arc review?", well before writing it I need to write some things to avoid cluttering Romance Dawn Arc with too much unnecessary information. However I was writing that article but as I open a new window on my phone, whatever I go back to the first window; my phone ends up erasing my hard work

    The **** dude?

    Well i'm going to have to write them on WordPress before moving it here and I really want to hurry before Oda wraps up the Zou Arc.

    But before I do that, I wanted to tell a story. You might notice "Five Nights at Luffy's". It's a real game right? No. In fact it's not even a review. I'm sure none of you heard of this simple game that became so popular called "Five Nigths at Freddy's" and decided to pull from my o…

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