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I know we all love one piece.

It's the reason why we wait impatiently every week for new episodes and chapters (and even devote to a wikia )

However, is there anything you really dislike about one piece? Something you would change if you had the chance to beat it out of Oda personally?

For my part, two things that get on my nerves..:

1. The intro about Gol D Roger explaining the mainplot for like 2 minutes. '''Seriously, after 450+ episodes I KNOW what the hell is going on in the op-world

2. Ace's behavior (so far) during the Whitebeard war. Every few minutes he screams one of the 2 things:

Ace: Ojajiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Ace: *biting his lips* OJAJIIIIIIII

Ace: Oars?

Ace: Ojaaaajeeiii

Ace: OARS???


Ace: Some more OJaaaajeeeii. Ojaji.


What about you? What do you dislike about onepiece? Or are you happy with everything?