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This isn't really a what if that person belonged to that crew, but you can speculate.

This blog is for just thinking about what crews you would like the gladiators to belong to and why. And also what person could be fun to see in a crew and why.

Hack is an easy with one being part of the Sun Pirates. But i think i could be rather fun if we saw them together as Hack may have the same ideal as Jinbe but is not using the same means so for jinbe trying to control his friend, kinda like how Nami says Zoro needs to be more aware of his power when fighting weaker people.

I could also see Hack being part of the Heart Pirates as he is very strong and he could be seen as a bad kind of guy/fish and he also takes everything seriously, but he has a kind heart kinda like the trafalgar law and the rest of the crew.

This could also be said about the new Bellamy

Dagama the Tactician i could clearly see be part of the Foxy Pirates, as he is the scheming untrustworthy tactician lika Foxy

Rebecca also as a Kuja Pirate as she is the only girl. (Unless people think its Cavendish)

Abdullah and Jeet i could see being part of the Kid Pirates as they are both merciless and will cut down anybody against them.

These are just some of my thoughts, please come up with your own ideas of who the gladiators belong to why.

P.S. sorry if im not being clear only my second time trying this sorta thing

P.P.S. Just a thought but Damask the Pyrotechnic in Block D couldnt he be Heat from the Kid Pirates