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I was thinking about how each of the yonko had allies like seen in the battle of marineford. And now with all these people being introduced, who could end up being a straw hat ally that will not stick around, but maybe help them later in important battles against yonko and the marines.

We already know that jinbe if he at least doesnt join the straw hats, would help luffy with all his might against enemies.

Also Duval has seen allying with  the straw hats before and personally i would love to see more of them in actual battles.

This could actually help explain the bombardement of new characters, as maybe they are not important right at the moment but they will ally with luffy after seeing him fight in the tournament.

My question is who could join as allies´(not as members) and why.

Sorry about my writing and if it is confusing. It is my first blog.