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On the Cover page you can see Kokoro

Sitting on a shark that's looking like megalo

Also Yokozuna is in the background

Enough with the cover page let's start with the next

It starts with Keimi and other mermaids

Asking Shyarly if they can go see the strawhat pirates

Leave. Suddenly Keimi remarks that the crystal ball's been broken

Shyarly says it's better if the future is not spoken

On the next page, a big head is crying

Begging Luffy to stay a year long. The princess was trying

To persuade him, but the answer is no even though

Fishman is the island of dreams, don't you know?

No problem brook will talk about it in his next single

The text is not complicated. It's really really simple.

In the morning when I wake up good mermaid

It's not finished so you'll just have to wait.

Chopper and Usopp are still depressed, still scared.

Because apparently Luffy already planned their deaths.

Then Nami gets a new log pose it's got three needles.

But Luffy really really really doesn't need this

Cause the log pose tells in which island you can die

Man you can see luffy's exictement in his eyes

Nami starts arguing with him but we all know him

Once he decided something, just go with it

Franky then tells they're all ready to set out

Everybody's saying goodbye, But what about

Jinb... Guess he isn't going with them he just smiles and

The strawhats start screaming see you later fishman island

Suddenly Shirahoshi appears and starts telling Luffy

To take her out the next time they meet to the world above

Then we get witness a moment that I'd call crew love

Not only Luffy but the whole pirate crew does

The pinky finger promise Shirahoshi used to do with her mom

Then it's Farewell!! New World here we come.

The day they reach the new world is coming soon

Only one more half just wait for Brook Laboon

Finally Zoro can cut everything Sunny can go anywhere

No problem since Nami said that it's fine with her

And Sanji will take care of their appetites

And Injuries they can get as much as they like

Since Chopper's here and The warrior of the sea is coming too

And everything Robin has to say is fufu

But it's cool though

Let's Go To The New World WOOOOAAAHHHH!!

One Piece Chapter 653 END