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It looks like Iceburg's got a new secretary

A ten years old girl who looks like a young robin

But anyway the chapter starts with a volcanic eruption

A sea of fire that's causing the fish folk reduction

And suddenly the den den rings

Without hesitation Luffy answers by telling he'll be the pirate king

An unknown voice starts talking: it's cold boss

So many are gone boss it's a big loss

Getting killed one by one from samurais slashes

Please someone help us we're on the island Punk Hazard

Punk Hazard might be the island that's in sight

Luffy decided to go over there to save that guy

Meanwhile Smoker finally fully shown

Is trying to figure out which route the strawhats chosed to go

Out of the three island they chosed the fourth one

Smoker's life complicated Even after the two years he waited

For them to come to the new world so he can beat them

He probably doesn't know that now Luffy can hit him

Back to the strawhats. Who won the Who Goes With Luffy Lottery

It's Zoro, Robin and Usopp but Usopp wants to trade with somebody

'Cause of his "Can't Set Foot On New Islands Disease"

Usopp I thought you were the brave warrior of the seas

Anyway they landed on the island that's surrounded by fire

Thanks to Nami's Milky Rod which was inspired

By Sky Island Dials Anyway they're in front of the entrance

The Marine's Mark on the Door gets completely ignored

It's so hot Luffy and Zoro decides to walk shirtless

AND ROBIN TOO wait... there's a shirt under her dress -.-

It's kind of strange because the island was supposed to be cold

That's what the guy on the phone said. I guess Luffy just got Rick Rolled

And suddenly something that exists only in fairy tales

If you don't believe me ask Natsu from Fairy Tail

A Dragon that looks like it's hungry and not angry

But the only thing I'm trying to see on this page is Robin's Panty!!!

The End

That Was Chapter 655 PUNK HAZARD!!!