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I didn't really wanted to do the rap review of this chapter but here it is:

So on the cover page there's Mozu and Kiwi

Holding the wanting poster of their aniki Franky

There's also three pirates from the thriller bark arc

Lola, risky brothers, now let the chapter start

It's all dark in the place

While Nami is letting the rain drop on her face

She then electrocutes Sanji and Brook

Then hops in the bathtub so I hop in that tub

First she hugs me then I rub her back

Then my fantasy ends because somebody comes and smacks

Me in the face. Look Jet it's not the time to waste

So keep writing the rap review or you won't get paid

Ok so the strawhats meet a couple of creatures

And all of them have ugly figures

Jet Pistol in the face of the ugliest one

Attach it to the Sunny in case Luffy wants to eat some

The ugly creature is then eaten by another

Which is in turn eaten by a even bigger and uglier one.

They then get to close to a so called white strom

Luffy mistakes it for a so called warp zone

They caught in it which leads them to meet some island whales

These island whales help them get out of there

Because they were moved by Brook's bink's sake

Brook the soul king just knows how to rock it

Then six five four three two and one

New World I told you they'll come

It's the sea of flames, the entrance of hell

I can predict that nothing will go well

Which makes the New World PERFECT!!!!