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(O: Yes. Weeell about my justice, just the bored people can think about that please. I'm a Takashi fan for some reason. Akainu's justice can be taken from his actions of burning Robin's homeland, Ohara, down completely in order to demolish all evil. At this time, Aokiji used to have a board that said "Blazing Justice", but after thinking about it for so long, his thoughts and will all came to a settle on "Lazy Justice". In these past two years, there was this big "happening" that occurred among the Marines. I want to draw that happening so bad I'm getting flutterflies. Please enjoy it in the canon sometime in the future.)

So as Oda said in SBS volume 64,there's this big "happening" that occurred among the marines during the timeskip. So I wanted to ask you what could have happened. I want to hear your oppinions about it.

I think there might have been a fight between Aokiji and Akainu and at the end the marines kind of split up. Some chose to follow Akainu and the others Aokiji while Kizaru became the new fleet admiral.

But that's just what I think.