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Hi everybody I thought of something I could do and I came up with the idea of doing Chapter Reviews while rapping since I'm a rapper. If this verse is succesfull then I might continue to do it. And please don't hesitate to give me advices. Example: if you want it to be more funny or else...

So don't to tell me what to improve.

So Let's Start

So this time we can see Chimney on the cover page

And Gonbe standing next to her with a smiling face

So the chapter starts with jinbe talking to Neptune

And yes, him joining the strawhats is coming soon

All of a sudden the minister of the right enters the room

Interrupting their discussion 'cause there could be an explosion

He said that they hid a bomb in the tamatebako

And if someone opens it, it will explode

But then we learn about Luffy giving all the treasure to big mom

Meaning that they're okay 'cause they don't have the bomb

But then Nami's hand gets bloody

The trio get their ass kicked. Nami is scarier than the fat chick (Big Mom)

Usopp then said they'll go to the new world to die

But us fans think alike. We're sure they'll survive

Especially with Nami on their side. It's going to be wild

Then we see Tamago and Pekoms with the treasure bags

Pekoms turns out to be a badass.

Beating Caribou up with one punch. That was pretty fast

Meanwhile in the new world, near the red line

Pirateships getting destroyed by marines from G-5

And guess what! Captain Tashigi is on a ship talking to the mast

And a new vice admiral who used to be captain in the past

He's got hair combed back. A scar on his face

Cigars in his mouth Yes it's Crocodile

Wait, I mean it's SMOKER

The End...

To Be Continued??