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  • JetGatlingGun00

    I don't know if yall have seen this but here it is

    and a lot of other sites tell it too

    well anyway just wanted to tell you

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  • JetGatlingGun00

    It looks like Iceburg's got a new secretary

    A ten years old girl who looks like a young robin

    But anyway the chapter starts with a volcanic eruption

    A sea of fire that's causing the fish folk reduction

    And suddenly the den den rings

    Without hesitation Luffy answers by telling he'll be the pirate king

    An unknown voice starts talking: it's cold boss

    So many are gone boss it's a big loss

    Getting killed one by one from samurais slashes

    Please someone help us we're on the island Punk Hazard

    Punk Hazard might be the island that's in sight

    Luffy decided to go over there to save that guy

    Meanwhile Smoker finally fully shown

    Is trying to figure out which route the strawhats chosed to go

    Out of the three island they chosed the fourth one

    Smoker's life complicated …

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  • JetGatlingGun00

    It's simple

    1) Ask A Question

    2) Answer It, If it's right you can ask the next Question

    3) False Answers will be ignored

    4) Question must be about One Piece

    5) It can be from the Anime or Manga

    6) Answers must be replied

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  • JetGatlingGun00
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  • JetGatlingGun00

    Rap Review - GAM!!!

    January 25, 2012 by JetGatlingGun00

    I didn't really wanted to do the rap review of this chapter but here it is:

    So on the cover page there's Mozu and Kiwi

    Holding the wanting poster of their aniki Franky

    There's also three pirates from the thriller bark arc

    Lola, risky brothers, now let the chapter start

    It's all dark in the place

    While Nami is letting the rain drop on her face

    She then electrocutes Sanji and Brook

    Then hops in the bathtub so I hop in that tub

    First she hugs me then I rub her back

    Then my fantasy ends because somebody comes and smacks

    Me in the face. Look Jet it's not the time to waste

    So keep writing the rap review or you won't get paid

    Ok so the strawhats meet a couple of creatures

    And all of them have ugly figures

    Jet Pistol in the face of the ugliest one

    Attach it to th…

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