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[[File:Celestial_dragon.jpg|thumb]celestial dragons 

now we all know who the celestial dragons are there the descendant of the founders of WG.the WG spoils the celestial dragon because of that they have become heartless assholes.they wear a bubble over there heads so they dont beath the same air as common people.some own slave depending on what part of the world they live in.celestial dragons can kill anyone they want the WG does not punish them at all.when a celestial dragon walks by everybody must bow down to them if you dont there's a chance that they'll kill one can hit a celestial dragon or a admiral and a fleet of battle ship will come to kill you.

i did this because the celestial dragons have been poping up more and more and in the story and i think it will continue and cause trouble for the straw hats.pluse luffy puch the shit out of one,and if i no luffy if they do something like that again he'll happily do it again.