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    celestial dragons

    June 14, 2011 by Jc21


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    • luffy's mom's name is danna:False

    why: in luffy's new flashback the person that most raised luffy but it was tough love indefinitely but NOT his mother.

    if he's mom is alive there many thing she could be.

    here some of them

    • a normal person there's a chance she just normal and luffy just has'nt talk about her yet
    • a marine if she's a marine it causes a lot of drama because luffy would have to fight her
    • a warlord there are warlords that have'nt come a long i the story so it possible
    • a ravolutionary i like the idea i think it be cool but if she is she good or bad guy
    • a pirate the most popular is that she's a pirate its my favorite of all of them
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    ok i'v be thinking aout this new sobo guy. there are three ways so far ways this guys story can go.

    1.he will die

    2.he's pirate and he just has'nt come along in the story yet

    3.he goes back home and have a boring non-pirate life

    share what you think i want to no so tell me witch one you think or whole other thing.

    well bye hope it helps in any way:)


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