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I've been reading a lot of posts here in this wiki blog section and this is my first post

in regards with chapter 720, a review actually

1) Luffy stopping swords attack

i can only think of, during the two-year time skip together with the dark king. Maybe Rayleigh saw what was Luffy's weakness and trained him on how to deal with an opponent who wields swords, because if i remember  correctly Rayleigh is a swordsman himself or he just used sword but the sword has a name.

so there is a high probability that that's where Luffy learned how to stop those kinds of attacks

2) and for Bartolomeo who idolize Luffy so much

actually i have a bad feeling about this. yes he is so into his idol, Luffy but what fears me is that with his kind of attidude, ofcourse those are the kind that luffy hate the most, being violent and doesnt give a damn to others. What if being so obsessed to his idol he do crazy sh*t lets say he felt that luffy turned him down for something but luffy just answered the way he does things. Barto just misinterpret or misunderstood it and come up with the wrong idea. 

like for example the kid from the movie The Incredibles, if you know this movie. he is the no one fan of mr incredible but after he saved by him on the long run they became enemies.