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    First Time Post

    September 5, 2013 by Jaspee

    I've been reading a lot of posts here in this wiki blog section and this is my first post

    in regards with chapter 720, a review actually

    1) Luffy stopping swords attack

    i can only think of, during the two-year time skip together with the dark king. Maybe Rayleigh saw what was Luffy's weakness and trained him on how to deal with an opponent who wields swords, because if i remember  correctly Rayleigh is a swordsman himself or he just used sword but the sword has a name.

    so there is a high probability that that's where Luffy learned how to stop those kinds of attacks

    2) and for Bartolomeo who idolize Luffy so much

    actually i have a bad feeling about this. yes he is so into his idol, Luffy but what fears me is that with his kind of attidude, ofcour…

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