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  • I am a fish.
  • JapaneseOPfan

    I know how some people like to push things and turn One Piece into some romance story. You know, LuffyHan, ZoRobin, SaNami... etc other combinations. Fine. Go on guys, it's your fandom. Don't mind it; even I watch these vids and all out of boredom sometimes. But what do you know? I was surfin' around youtube today and found things like ace x luffy, zoro x sanji, etc. Really? REALLY?! Excuse me but I think my heart stopped a moment back then. Why,why,why do all ya'll people like to do this stuff to our precious one piece characters...? The Sanji x Zoro thing kinda scared me. I wonder where in the world these ideas pop from. Yeah, and by the way, Sanji and Zoro were both still guys, not one a girl and the other a guy. *shivers* I accept okam…

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  • JapaneseOPfan

    JOPfan's Lesson #8 ; Rainbow Time

    I figured this lesson would be relatively short and easy, so I made it quickly. I guess it's a break from the long, confusing Japanese Alphabet lesson you had. Ahh pretty rainbows, rare rainbows. Round rainbows, dreamy rainbows, rainbows you can eat. (←?!) It's good to know your colors! I remember I enjoyed learning the rainbow in preschool or so. Since there are lots of colors in this world, let me go with just the basic colors.

    • Note: I'll put the basic ways people mostly write it, out of the 3 alphabets. There are other ways than these to write each color.

    Red- Aka 赤 or あか (Aka has other meaning too.)

    Orange- Orennji iro オレンジ色 (色 (also commonly written as いろ) means "color", but just "orange" sounds awkward s…

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  • JapaneseOPfan

    JOPfan's Lesson #7 ; Japanese Alphabet

    Hi again, all. This is the most basic out of basic out of basic lesson you gotta know. If you know the Japanese Alphabet, life would be easy since there is only one pronunciation for each letter. In other words, as long as you know how the word is pronounced, you can write it yourself! Here's an example: if you know how "Vivi" is pronounced (bibi), you'll see below that the way to write it is ビビ since ビ is pronounced vi. Enjoy (and possibly memorize) the lesson! (This one is longest so far. Be prepared >v

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  • JapaneseOPfan

    Lesson Six (Part Two)

    February 23, 2011 by JapaneseOPfan

    JOPfan's Lesson #6 ; Part Two

    Finally, I have revived myself in the Lesson process (4th attempt after 3 blackouts). Part two; the rest of lesson 5 is here at last! (Sound effects list N~Z.) I'm using a different volume than last time, by the way. This'll be long as well, so go get comfortable before you start! Well, I suppose reading is much quicker than typing, but leave that aside. Get a paper, pencil, and some glasses; LESSON START!


    • Noro noro... (ノロノロ/のろのろ) (sound effect of slow things)
    • Nuru nuru (ヌルヌル/ぬるぬる) (slimy sound. 1 "nuru" is fine as well.)
    • Nume nume (ヌメヌメ) (close to nuru. sound like when stepping into mud)
    • Nn. (ん。) (hm.)
    • Nn? (ん?)(hm?)


    • Oro oro (オロオロ/おろおろ) (panic)
    • Oi oi.. (おいおい/オイオイ)(Hey hey. 1 oi= 1 hey.)
    • Oryaaaa!!! (おりゃああ!) (haaaa!)


    • P…
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  • JapaneseOPfan

    I'm sorry for not doing any lessons for the past few days/not being active much. Really. I just seriously have things to do. Hang on guys and I'll revive myself in 1~3 days. I have attempted to do the part 2 lesson a few times, but they all failed because of those dumb blackouts we keep on having. This blog itself is also my 2nd attempt. Wind, wind, wind. Is someone using the kaze kaze no mi powers? Please stop if you are! Even I got blown away this morning by the wind! I'm serious.

    Anyway... It's fine if you don't care about my existance, but just in case you were wondering. Thanks you all for supporting me and this wikia.

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