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  • I live in your imagination
  • I was born on December 11
  • My occupation is being a slightly less lazy violinist than before.
  • I am a fish.
  • JapaneseOPfan

    Hola Amigos!
    Hola Amigos!
    Hola Amigos!
    Hola Amigos!
    Hola Amigos!

    Had a taste of my spamming? (Yeah, the title... not the hola sh*t)





    Well, that's about it!!!

    And for those of you who follow my lessons, uh... I might revive them... haha...

    Here's a last bit of spam: (Check them out, newbies!!!)

    Adieu!! Pascia rocks!!! bye!! bye!!!!! byeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

    ...*waves still*

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  • JapaneseOPfan

    JOPfan's Special Lesson #1 ; Emoticon Paradise

    Finally, the long-awaited (?) Special Lesson is here. Hooray to the end of the school year! And hooray to my recovery from the flu. Since this is a special lesson, it's not really going to teach you guys anything, but it's sort of just for fun. After thinking for ages, I came up with the conclusion that Special Lessons don't really have to be lessons, but more of 99% randomness and 1% teaching. So, I've decided to feature some emoticons that you can only type if you install Japanese text into your computer, so that you can C+P your favorites and post them on facebook, twitter, or whatever you want. In this "Lesson", I will list the top 100 emoticons in Japanese text. Of course, according to my t…

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  • JapaneseOPfan

    Hey guys I thought i'd make a blog that isn't a Lesson. (For once)

    • Anyway, the first part is a small little thanks to all the editors that make this place great. I mean, I learned alot here such as how to edit, HTML, info on One Piece Merch and this and that... all thanks to everyone here. I enjoy the blogs here too; they're just fun to read when it's getting boring here and there.
    • I also found how great this place is when I tried out a certain wikia and was treated like a vandal when all I did was try to help. (Erase extra spacing) I felt really relived to have wikias where I can settle things out with a word or two. Okay, I am not saying that that certain wikia is horrible; I mean I still pop there a few times in a million years to edit th…
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  • JapaneseOPfan

    JOPfan's Lesson #10 ; Body Parts

    Woohoo! My tenth lesson is here. Due to MANY requests of doing body parts as a lesson, I've decided to do this lesson. Ah, spring break is next-next week! I can't wait. I will be bombarding the wiki activity page when that time comes. Tee hee. Oh, by the way, if you want to know how I did the layout of this page, I took it from my spanish body parts study guide. Sort of. So I might be missing a few parts, but bear with it! Speaking of human bodies-- OW my foot hurts because I accidentally pulled a nail off. Owiee ow ow.


    Face = Kaoh 顔

    Eyes = Meh 目

    Nose = Hana 鼻

    Mouth = Kutchi 口

    Teeth = Hah 歯

    Tongue = Shitah 舌

    Cheek = Hoppeta ほっぺた

    Ears = Mimi 耳

    Hair = Kami 髪

    Chin = Ago あご

    --yeah, if you haven't noticed before, I …

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  • JapaneseOPfan

    JOPfan's Lesson #9 ; Calendar Keeper ...And here is the 9th lesson. We're coming closer to the special lesson! Anyhow, calendars. Not exactly. Time. Yes, that's it. Time. I've been taking foreign language classes recently and I simply hate learning all those time conjugations and blah. Well lucky you, Japan has no conjugations for time! Hurrah. Well, I'm guessing this will be fairly easy since most of you seem to know your numbers. Good~~ luck!!

    - Clock time -

    1:00 - Ichiji 1時 

    2:00 - Niji 2時 

    3:00 - Sanji (!!!) 3時 

    4:00 - Yoji 4時 

    5:00 - Goji 5時 

    6:00 - Rokuji/Lokuji 6時 

    7:00 - Shichiji 7時 

    8:00 - Hatchiji 8時 

    9:00 - Kuji 9時

    10:00 - Jyuuji 10時 

    11:00 - Jyuuichiji 11時 

    12:00 - Jyuuniji 12時 

    Well yeah. If you notice, 10:00~ has "Jyuu" and a number before "ji"…

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