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Today, I'd like to discuss an rather intriguing topic- Shakky's Identity.

Remember- Everything said in this blog is merely speculation - so don't take it too seriously.

Let's dig right in.

Shakky's Past- We know for a fact that Shakky used to be a pirate at some point, until she quit 42 years ago.

Shakky's Age- We know from the fact above that Shakky is at least over 42. Let's just guesstimate and say she became a pirate at the age of 10. Let's also guess that she was a pirate for at least another 10 years. This makes her likely around 62 years old- but it's possible that she could be even older (closer to her 70s?), seeing as she's been chased by Garp before, and Whitebeard, who lived in the same era as Garp, Roger, Sengoku, Shiki and Rayleigh (her husband), died at the age of 72 (he'd be 74 now if he were alive).

Shakky's Relationship Status- Married to Silvers Rayleigh.

Shakky's Name- Shakky's full name, "Shakuyaku", means peony in Japanese- a type of flower. Kuja warriors are also all named after flowers so far.

Volume 53 Chapter 522 Page 2 Panel 1 (Nyon on Love Sickness upon seeing Hancock in agony):

The former empress also... died from this disease...!!

I heard that the former-former empress experienced the same thing.....

To be honest, I also experienced the same illness and abandoned this country... and survived

(From these words, it's unclear wether Nyon meant "dying from Love Sickness" or "getting Love Sickness" when she said that the former-former empress experienced "the same thing")

Kuja Empress Statuses-

  • Current empress- Boa Hancock, Alive, Age 31
  • Previous empress- Unknown, Dead, Age Unknown
  • Former-former empress- Unknown, Unknown, Age Unknown
  • Former-former-former empress- Gloriosa (Nyon), Alive, Unknown (but looks pretty damn old compared to age standards of the One Piece world)


From the clues given above, it is commonly speculated amongst the Japanese One Piece fan community that Shakuyaku is the former-former empress of the Kuja tribe, who fell in love with Rayleigh at some point and abandoned her status as the Pirate Empress of Amazon Lily to follow him, consequently becoming a survivor of Love Sickness.

This theory would also explain how Nyon and Shakky got to know each other, and how Shakky was able to come up with such a precise, yet incredibly far-fetched prediction of where Luffy was being hidden after the war, through her own experience.

Shakky in Chapter 591:

Wouldn't it all fall into place if Hancock fell in love with Monkey-chan [Luffy]? Monkey-chan is so cool, after all!

And if I were Hancock, I suppose I would decieve the Marines and hide him in the Island of Women...


Thoughts? Opinions? Comment below!