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SH Parents

This was just a random thought, but I was wondering what Luffy's mom would be like.. If she's ever revealed.

So far, we have:

  • Dragon + ? = Luffy
  • ? + ? = Zoro
  • ? + ? = Nami (Bellmere is practically her mom, but I'm talking about blood relationships here.)
  • Yassop + Bachina = Usopp
  • ? + ? = Sanji (Zeff doesn't count)
  • ? + ? = Chopper (Hiruluk and Doctorine don't count)
  • ? + Olvia = Robin
  • ?(pirate) + ? = Franky
  • ? + ? = Brook

Ah, you see, only Usopp's parents are both revealed. The only ones that we will probably never get to know are Chopper who is an abandoned reindeer and Nami who is adopted by Bellmere. And, maybe others too, but put that aside. I would like to hear opinions on who would be a perfect parent for each "?" spot.

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