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I know this is kind of early, especially when the FI arc just started, but I was thinking of what the New World will be like. As someone mentioned in an earlier blog, I think the New World is not that harsh since in the Whitebeard war, all NW pirates that fought were pretty famous themselves according to Oda, and yet they didn't really play much of a major part. According to Moria and others, the NW is all harsh and fearsome and all, but when you think about the time back when the SHs were still in east blue, people talked like the Grand Line was some hell but once they got in, it wasen't as bad as it was described to be.On the other hand, this can either mean that Luffy 2yrs ago was already stronger than the NW pirates,(probably not) or that the "normal marines" they fought with were really strong and all came from G-5 (stronghold in NW) or something. In the first half of the Grand Line, the SHs encounter most of the shichibukai and either defeat or befriend them. I bet that fights with the yonkou are coming up. OK. Yonkou. first, I am crazy curious if whitebeard's spot was filled in. second. WILL THE SHs EVER FIGHT WITH SHANKS?! I think this is a no, from seeing what his relationship w/ luffy is, but there are always possibilities. I look foward to the redhairs meeting the SHs. Last, I predict stuff like more cyborg appearence and othe monster-like people appearing. I mean like moving skeletons, talking reindeers, cyborgs already in 1st half. what kind of bizzare things are waiting?? I wonder.