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Ok well as you all know, Luffy never ACTUALLY fought with Smoker, since #1 he was just basically helpless against Smoker, and #2 he usually got inturrupted by someone who comes to the rescue. (Dragon, Hancock) Wellll, now that luffy has haki, and Smoker is (probably) in the new world now, the real Luffy vs Smoker should be coming up somewhere; i'd say about next year or maybe a little farther. Smoker always had an advantage of being a logia, but now that doesn't matter because haki is to the rescue. Now I wonder what the outcomes will be. also, smoker's seastone weapon was destroyed by Hancock so unless he got a new one, it'll be interesting to see how he fights. I also wonder; what the heck is smoker's weakness?! I mean like, all devil fruits have weaknesses, and I could tell the weak points of people like Croc and Enel right of the bat, but smoke... thats a hard one. I wonder if it'll ever be revealed, now that haki came into action.

Now for Coby. our coby I know we all love. anyway. COBY HAS HAKI!!! that was kind of shocking right there, though it wasn't haoshoku haki. I am sooo eager to see what happened to Coby after 2 yrs. I mean, I know he won't just sit there drinking tea and do nothing.... I wonder what rank officer he is now! I hope he's like a vice admiral or even an admiral, since he's gotta catch up to Luffy by now. I go for vice admiral. just saying. Oh and now that Garp quit, who trains Coby and Helmeppo??? maybe the guy with the coat and hat thats always around Garp? (dunno his name xp) Anyway, I know coby's a fast learner ,though not as fast as luffy, since he learned some of the rokushiki moves in like, what, less than a year. What I hope is that Coby didn't change too much and became all gorilla muscular... caz that is just... not coby. well anyway, yeah, thanks for reading, and tell me your thoughts.