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JOPfan's Lesson #9 ; Calendar Keeper ...And here is the 9th lesson. We're coming closer to the special lesson! Anyhow, calendars. Not exactly. Time. Yes, that's it. Time. I've been taking foreign language classes recently and I simply hate learning all those time conjugations and blah. Well lucky you, Japan has no conjugations for time! Hurrah. Well, I'm guessing this will be fairly easy since most of you seem to know your numbers. Good~~ luck!!

- Clock time -

1:00 - Ichiji 1時 

2:00 - Niji 2時 

3:00 - Sanji (!!!) 3時 

4:00 - Yoji 4時 

5:00 - Goji 5時 

6:00 - Rokuji/Lokuji 6時 

7:00 - Shichiji 7時 

8:00 - Hatchiji 8時 

9:00 - Kuji 9時

10:00 - Jyuuji 10時 

11:00 - Jyuuichiji 11時 

12:00 - Jyuuniji 12時 

Well yeah. If you notice, 10:00~ has "Jyuu" and a number before "ji". "Ji" is something like 'o clock, and if you look closely, for example, 11:00 is "ten one 'o clock". So if you want to say like, 15:00, it would be "ten five 'o clock" A.K.A. "Jyuugoji". If you want to say 23:00, it would be "Two ten three 'o clock" A.K.A. "Nijuusanji". Easy, huh? Yep, yep. There are no irregulars. If you want to say these as normal #s, than just take the "Ji" off and you'll be fine. (Not for time, but there are other ways to say each number in Japanese.) "Minutes" is "hun", "funn" or "punn" (分) and seconds are "byou" (秒) so for example, 17:45:06 would be "Ten seven o' clock Four ten five minutes six seconds" a.k.a. "Jyuu shichi ji yon jyuu go funn roku byou" (17時45分6秒) Seems hard, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy.

- Days of the Week -

Monday - Getsuyohubi 月曜日

Tuesday - Kahyohubi 火曜日

Wednesday - Suiyohubi 水曜日

Thursday - Mokuyohubi 木曜日

Friday - Kinyohubi 金曜日

Saturday - Dohyohubi 土曜日

Sunday - Nichiyohubi 日曜日

--so that's the days. All the days have "-yohubi" or "曜日" (Bi 日 means day, and I guess Yohu 曜 is something to tell that it's not a holiday, but a week day that occurs each week; hard to explain.) at the end, so just remember the first part and you'll be fine. I think. By the way, all days contain an element in them. Not too sure why. Here's a bonus chart-- (Skip if you don't feel like it)

Mon - Getsu 月

(Moon, a.k.a. Monday= Moon day. Way to remember-- Mon is like moon, plus in many other languages like spanish, Monday has to do w/ the moon; in spanish, Monday is "lunares" and "luna" is moon. Or I think it was something like that. FYI, if you want to say moon by itself, don't use this... getsu is a "jutsu-type" way of saying it, normally moon is "tsuki". If you don't know what a jutsu is, go ask a Naruto Fan. Also, If you are a Bleach watcher, Ichigo's move "Getsuga Tensho" (Lunar Fang Shoking whatever it was); that's also sort of a jutsu, or a move with Getsu in it.)

Tues - Kah 火

(Fire, a.k.a. Tuesday= Fire day. Way to remember-- Um, not much in particular... I guess since Tuesday is the 2nd day in the week days, and orange is the 2nd color in the rainbow, you could say Fire = Orange = Tuesday? Not sure. If you watch Naruto, Katon, or Fire-style jutsu, might help you remember? By the way, the real way of saying fire is "Hih". Reason is same as above. You know, the jutsu type way of saying thing.)

Wednes - Sui 水

(Water, a.k.a. Wednesday= Water day. Way to remember-- ...dang, this one is hard. Um, this may be just me, but for some reason the image color for Wed. is blue for me... so if that goes for you too, I guess that helps? Again, if you watch Naruto, Suiton, or Water-style jutsu, may help you remember. The way of saying water itself is "Mizu". Same reason.)

Thurs - Moku 木

(Wood, a.k.a. Thursday= Wood day. Way to remember-- Again with Naruto, Mokuton or Wood-style jutsu may help you remember. By the way, the word for tree and wood is the same. But "woods" as in the woods is said as "hayashi", and written with two characters standing for wood, (木) like this; 林 . Forest would be "Mori" w/ 3 letters for wood, or 森 . Tree/wood is usually called "Kih" insyead of "Moku".)

Fri - Kin 金

(Gold, a.k.a. Friday= Gold day. Way to remember-- Shiki the Gold Lion is called "Kinjishi no Shiki". FYI, 金 can also be read as "kane", or "money", so Friday can also mean "money day", so since the shopping days always come on friday, (like Black Friday) that's also another way to remember.)

Satur - Doh 土

(Dirt, a.k.a. Saturday= Dirt day. Way to remember-- Well uh, for some reason, in japanese, Saturn is Dohsei 土星 also read as "dirt planet", and since Saturn sounds like Saturday, that may help a little. And yet again with Naruto, "Dirt-element style" Is Doton. When just saying dirt, it's "tsuchi". Not to be confused w/ "tsuki", or moon.)

Sun - Nichi 日

(Day, a.k.a. Sunday= Day day. Way to remember-- Hahaha, this is a hilarious one. Don't worry, it doesn't sound as weird as you think in Japan because there are many ways to say "day" (like day can be Nichi or Bi, etc.) Anyway, the way to remember is the fact that 日 can be read as "Sun" in rare cases, so there you go; Sunday! Yes, that's it.)

- The Months -

January - Ichigatsu 1月

February - Nigatsu 2月

March - Sangatsu 3月

April - Shigatsu 4月

May - Gogatsu 5月

June - Rokugatsu/Lokugatsu 6月

July - Shichigatsu 7月

August - Hatchigatsu 8月

September - Kugatsu 9月

October - Jyuugatsu10月

November - Jyuuichigatsu 11月

December - Jyuunigatsu 12月

Now that's what I call easy. Man, you already know your numbers from the hours so just take off the 'o clock (Ji 時) and replace it with Month (Gatsu 月)! The only exception is April, where Yon changes to Shi. Notice the word Gatsu is the same kanji as Getsu from Monday. I guess this is because the months are divided based on the Lunar blah.

1000 = Senn (千)

100 = Hyaku (百)

Year is "nenn" (年) and day is Nichi or "Kah" in some cases, so 12/11/1998 for example would be "Jyuu ni gatsu jyuu ichi nichi Sen kyuu hyaku kyuu jyuu hatch nenn" (Tenn two month ten one day thousand nine hundred nine ten eight year). Again, sounds complicated but not really.

Just for fun I'll give you the kanji of 1~12. FYI, 4 is the same even if the way you read it isn't. 1 一 

2 二

3 三

4 四

5 五

6 六 

7 七

8 八

9 九

10 十

11 十一

12 十二 yeah. Did I miss anything??? Hope not. Wow, that was a pretty long lesson even though it's a pretty easy one. Also, sorry for the delay... I am in lazy mode at the moment, because I've got tests to take in order to get into schools, and I'm also participating in many Japan relief fund concerts by selling origami and flashing my violin skills. (XD) Forgive me. NOOOOOOO! What is no you ask? I RAN OUT OF GUMMY BEARS!!! (T.T)

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