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So wether or not this is actually going to happen aside, I thought maybe it'd be kind of cool if we all thought of a question to ask and send to Oda every (3) months [That's how often a new volume is typically released] as a group for the SBS segment of the series under the Penname of "One Piece Wikia".

We can suggest and vote on questions, whatever, and whichever one we pick will be sent by me or whoever wants to volunteer for the task (I don't really feel like doing it, I just thought it'd be cool lol). 

We could also try doing the same for Usopp Gallery Pirates (and SBS Headers) if you guys are into that kind of thing. 

Zzzzz. Thoughts?

  • I just realized, Youn tried doing something like this a while ago. I'm not sure if he suceeded, but I'm too lazy to check.