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I miss this

We should do a spin-off.

Comedic, Cute, Creative. The 3 great Cs (or seas), if you will. What's One Piece without any of these elements? Yes, I'm being totally relevant.

So, the way I'm imagining this is a bit different from how we did Blog Wars, and a bit more on the lenient side. There will still be three rounds, and we're still using a scale of 1-10 to vote. Kind of like this:

Round 1: The Blues (Theme: Comedic)

Notice, all elements of the CCC will need to be implemented in each round of blogs, but the central focus will be in the round theme. 

All participants. Basically, just use One Piece characters and create a comical one-shot, punchline, slapstick, slice of life, whatever you want. Stay relevant, stay funny. If you make the judges smile, you're pretty much in Round 2. Everyone with an average score of 7/10 and up can proceed.

Round 2: Grand Line (Theme: Cute)

The "Aww" factor. It's slightly tougher to grab someone's heart and make them go "awwwwe" with a story, so this is the next round. Still centering around One Piece, create an adorable, cute, inspiring, or touching blog. It doesn't have to be a fanfic, it can be an analysis of the actual series, a story about how One Piece has affected your life, anything, really. Just don't forget it has to make us feel fuzzy inside. Everyone with an average score of 8/10 and up can proceed to the final round.

Round 3: New World (Theme: Creative)

Final round. In a nutshell, anything you're into, as long as it's somehow related to One Piece. Be original, be creative, and make a blog that inspires readers to think. 9/10 and you've made it in the New World of blogs. 10/10 and you're the new Blog King/Queen. (gasp)

Participant rules are still the same, the first 10 to volunteer are in (this number is flexible) and there will be 4 judges because I'm a rebel and I hate odd numbers.

Like before, there needs to be support from the majority in the comments below for this to work. Please don't kick me. 

***If the idea gets approved, I will need people to volunteer as participants and judges. Constructive critisism and new ideas are welcome.

OP credits to User: Jonny16



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