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One Piece Wikians, CCC is finally starting!!!!

I'm so excited to see all of your fantastic work, and I hope you guys are just as enthusiastic as I am! \(*^*)/ *hypes*

Special thanks to Drake and the spectators for moral support!! XD

Here is the list of judges and contestants.

JudgesRyuzakiforeverJademingPiece enrikPau D. Seven

ParticipantsKaido King of the BeastsJaimini626SntntnDancePowderer12th SupernovaMan of Myth is DaymanDarkSkullPiratesGranit Hysaj, AuroraOfDeath, *Ricizubi

Unfortunately, we'll be starting with one less user than originally planned, but THE SHOW MUST GO ON! It was still more than I expected :'D Cheer, everybody cheer!! Cheer, damnit! :'o


We just got one more participant! Let's all give a warm welcome to the recently revived: RICIRICIRICI! Hooray!


Unfortunately, due to a busy schedule, User:DancePowderer has withdrawn himself from CCC. 

~Thanks to all who applied!!!~

Round 1: The Blues

Theme: Comical

Guidlines: Create a One Piece related comical one-shot, punchline, slapstick, slice of life, whatever you want. Stay relevant, stay hilarious. 

Scoring: Judges will score based on a scale of 1-10 (10 being best), and will also give feedback in their comments. Decimal scores are encouraged. Scores will be averaged. 

New: Users with the top 7 highest scoring blogs will move on to Round 2. 

How to post: Create your blog with the title "CCC: ~insert title here~" to distinguish between other blogs. Post your blog link below in the comments when you're done! :D

Deadline: 0:00 March 11, 2015 UTC (Roughly 4 days from now). 0:00 March 18, 2015 UTC. This deadline is flexible.

Judges will be given an extra 2 days to judge if necessary.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Have fun, and remember: stay Comical, Cute, and Creative :D

May the blogs be with you.