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Uhhh, so I suddenly had the urge to write a comedy(?) blog, so I've decided to throw myself into CCC as a non-competitive participant. Yeah, I just made that up. Whatever.

These will be shitty short stories in 4-koma style.

Title: Ouch.

Panel 1:

*Usopp roams around deck on Sunny*

*Random Straw Hats in the background*

Panel 2:

Nami (as he walks by and notices her): Hey Usopp, got any band-aids on you?

Panel 3

Usopp (takes out a few): Sure, why?

Panel 4:

Nami (casually holds up her high-heeled sandals): Just got a few blisters.

*Her feet are covered in gorey blisters and blood where the sandals have been.*

Usopp (with a horrified expression): HIEEEEEEH!

Title: Musicians would understand...

Panel 1:

*Luffy, Chopper, Usopp and Brook hang out on Sunny*

Panel 2:

Usopp: Hey Brook, I've always wondered, what's your last name?

Panel 3:

Brook: Concerto. Bruch Concerto.
Rest: Oh, ok.

Panel 4: (From the same angle as Panel 3)

*Luffy, Chopper and Usopp go back to happily discussing whatever they were discussing before*

Brook (Laughs at his own shitty joke): Yoho!

Title: Cockblocker

Panel 1:

*Sanji is sweet-talking a random lady he met at a random location*

Narrator: In general, Sanji posseses several qualities to be considered a desireable man.
Sanji (as they intently gaze into each other's eyes): You are beautiful, madamoiselle
Lady: Oh my <3

Panel 2(From the lady's point of view)

*Panel zooms in on Sanji's eyebrow*

Panel 3:

Lady (The swirl in his eyebrow makes her feel dizzy, then nauseous): Aah...

Panel 4:

Narrator: In general.
Lady (running away from Sanji): I'm sorry... I can't....!
Sanji (Reaching after her): Ehhhhhh!!?

[mini panel within Panel 4 (containing just Sanji's face):

Sanji (with a frustrated look): Why does this always happen to me?]