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Ok, well from when Jinbe was introduced to the FI arc, people mentioned alot about Arlong. If I remember clearly, Arlong was talking about taking over the world and all using Nami's maps, or somthing along those lines. Well, first of all, if Arlong wanted to take over the world, then why in the world did he go to east blue, aka the weakest sea out of the 4 blues? I mean it's not like he knew of Nami's existance there and all, so I don't see a reason why Arlong would go from FI to the weakest sea, where he could of easily went on to the new world. Next, Jinbe is all thankful to Luffy for defeating Arlong and the new fishman pirates are all holding a grudge about Arlong's crushed dream or something; like he's some big-time fishman rookie. But look at his bounty. 20,000,000 beli. that's less than Fake Luffy! And judging from the fact that Arlong was one of the 1st defeated people by Luffy, he probably would of been blown away in a second if he encountered the Luffy now. It's not like Luffy was Arlong's natural enemy as he was to Enel, and so I just don't get why every Fishman is like Arlong this, Arlong that.

And while we're at it, Hachi is also still a mystery to me. I mean, if Arlong, his captain couldn't escape from the prisinors ship, how in the world did Hachi manage to sneak away?! Plus, Hachi seems to be on the good side now, and Nami said that Hachi wasn't actually bad, but when you look back at the Arlong arc, it seemed to me like Hachi was happy with his actions and was fighting to his fullest, not even giving the slightest chance of trying to help Nami. But in Sabaody when he got shot, he was all saying that he felt sorry for what he did to Nami and... he just doesn't make sense. Hey don't get me wrong, its not like I hate Hachi or anything. Just saying. Maybe he's like a Bon Kurei type since Bon-chan also tried to decive the SHs into helping him escape from Alabasta saying that he's a friend, but later on suddenly helps the SHs with full power? or is it one of Luffy's powers Mihawk mentions that just makes everyone into an ally? I look foward to your comments.