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Aaaahhhh... I think my heart stopped just now...!

I know how some people like to push things and turn One Piece into some romance story. You know, LuffyHan, ZoRobin, SaNami... etc other combinations. Fine. Go on guys, it's your fandom. Don't mind it; even I watch these vids and all out of boredom sometimes. But what do you know? I was surfin' around youtube today and found things like ace x luffy, zoro x sanji, etc. Really? REALLY?! Excuse me but I think my heart stopped a moment back then. Why,why,why do all ya'll people like to do this stuff to our precious one piece characters...? The Sanji x Zoro thing kinda scared me. I wonder where in the world these ideas pop from. Yeah, and by the way, Sanji and Zoro were both still guys, not one a girl and the other a guy. *shivers* I accept okamas, but this is somewhat to the extreme extent.. don't you think?

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