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Hey guys I thought i'd make a blog that isn't a Lesson. (For once)

  • Anyway, the first part is a small little thanks to all the editors that make this place great. I mean, I learned alot here such as how to edit, HTML, info on One Piece Merch and this and that... all thanks to everyone here. I enjoy the blogs here too; they're just fun to read when it's getting boring here and there.
  • I also found how great this place is when I tried out a certain wikia and was treated like a vandal when all I did was try to help. (Erase extra spacing) I felt really relived to have wikias where I can settle things out with a word or two. Okay, I am not saying that that certain wikia is horrible; I mean I still pop there a few times in a million years to edit things but I am just saying this is a much better place for me to be. Large wikia, but civil. (Except for the real vandals that roam from time to time)
  • I really love how this place is almost always up to date. Most places can't do that. Oh, and I like the no fanart rule for no particular reason.
  • This doesn't have to do with the thanks, but just wanted to point out a few things that only we probably do: use image galleries and not using any videos.
  • I love how people think I'm a blogger. Well I am but... I'm not good at it, plus I'd prefer to edit, so blah.
  • Again, thanks everyone. Arigato gozaimasu.


  • Okay, for those of you who are disappointed with my longtalk of thanks, here is an extra section. To make this a little interesting, lets do this:

When you comment, you can also state either:

  • how you think about the person who commented below you,
  • how well you know the person, or
  • how famous the person is (In the wikia, of course.).

It's optional, but I saw someone doing this in mangastream forums and thought it might be fun, so yeah. You can also comment just for the sake of this extra game. Ah, and be nice, people. See you in the special lesson.