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There's this free online test called "16Personalities", where you answer some questions and you get a 4 (or 5) letter result that represents your general personality type.

The possible letters you can get in your results are:

I (Introvert) vs E (Extrovert)

S (Sensing) vs N (INtuitive)

T (Thinking) vs F (Feeling)

J (Judging) vs P (Prospective)


A (Assertive) vs T (Turbulent)

if you're interested, you can learn more about these letters here.

So anyway, I figured I could try to match these letters to the Straw Hats and see if I can figure out what their personalities would be.

I used these (I vs E S vs N T vs F J vs P) as a general guide. 


Luffy: ENFP (Has many friends, Incredibly intuitive/can only see big picture, Decides with heart, Spontaneous)

Zoro: INFJ(Can often be seen training alone/rarely shows emotion, Gets lost easily [doesn't pay attention to details of surroundings], Makes decisions based on values, Routinely trains)

Nami: ISTJ (Independent/appreciates alone time, Realistic, Logical, Organized)

Usopp: ESFP (Talkative/enthusiastic, Notices details, Driven by emotion, Generally open to adventure/generally open-minded)

Sanji: ISFJ (Generally solitary, Willing to listen to details of a story, Rock hard principles/forgives [women] easily, Likes to be organized)

Chopper: ESFP (Shy but loves to be around friends/expressive/easy to read, Sensitive to temperature/uses calculated attacks, Easily tricked [illogical], Open to new things or possibilities)

Robin: ISTJ (Keeps to self, Factual, Objective/Wants truth, Controlled/Likes closure [in history])

Franky: ESFP (Assertive, Needs to spend money quickly/present oriented rather than future oriented, Emotional/Generally empathetic, Disregards rules/open-minded)

Brook: ENFJ (Energized by social interaction/enthusiastic, Believes in future possibilities, Warm, Generally patient/able to stick to plans)


I kind of gave up seriously trying to analyze these characters' personality types near the end because some of these people are damn hard to read (and they're not even real T_T), but screw it. Zoro is more a feeler than a logical thinker and Nami is actually an introvert! That part really hit me like a pile of bricks-- but if you disagree with that or any of the personalities I matched these characters up with, comment below with your opinions~

You can read up on all the types of personalities here, and you can take the test yourself to see what personality type you are here. Comment your own test results below too! I got INFP, for anyone curious. Happy analyzing--