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  • JanSzary

    Talk: 4kids

    April 3, 2011 by JanSzary

    I don't get why so many fans are hateful towards 4kidstv's dub of One Piece. I mean the only bad thing that I find they did was to skip some Arcs, they did it for a reason. And Because of this, many fans are shunful towards translations they made, I mean most fans don't use Alabasta despite the fact that Oda has spelt it with an "L" on the cover of Chapter 619, and they were against Dracule being Mihawk's name, because 4kids had dubbed it as so. Well if you judge something for that sole reason, it is just being close-minded, and on the Dracule part they were proven wrong, with Alabasta still up for debate, I mean the only translation dub they did have was the Zolo part of Zoro's name, and possible Jinbe's name. Please add some comments as …

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