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one piece chapter 652 prediction

Title : to the next adventure

Coverpage : puffing tom is shown

Page 1 : Bacoms & Tamogo are shown standing near the candy factory

Sanji : luffy think before you say something ( IN THE MIND - What would I Have done if something would Have Happened To Nami Swans Treasure) .

Zoro : whats done is done stupid cook .

Sanji : you marimooooo..........

Page 2 :

luffy : come lets ask someone for a taxi to take us back to the palace .

Minister of the left : strawhat we can never repay your debt.

Local people : strawhats why why did you..........

Luffy : shishishi

Zoro : oi someone call for a taxi .

Page 3 : in th ryayuu palace

Nami : what is taking them so much time.

Shirahoshi : do you think they will be fine nimi sama .

Ussup : dont worry about them .

Copper : may be zoro got lost and they are searching for him.

??? : Who got lost.....

Nami : So you are back .

Luffy : We got so much treasure for my food .

Sanji : Nami Swaan I brought your treasure back .

Neptune ( enters ) : strawhats..........

Page 4 :

Neptune : Strawhats why why did you did this for us.

Luffy : well you are my friends now and i cant leave you like this so i decided to make fishman island my territory.

Ussup/Chopper : What????

Luffy : oh yeah I challenged big mam .

Nami/Ussup/Copper : Big big Mam of the yonko .

Luffy : I will kick her ass in the new world .

Page 5 : near the sunny .

Franky : so are the special coating and repairs done Den San .

Den : yeah you can leave any time now .

Brook : (sad face) i wanted too stay for some more time .

Franky : We must tell others that sunny is ready to set sail .

*connects a den den mussi*

( rayuu palace )

*brrirng brrirng*

Ussup : oh franky so we can set sail now .

Page 6 :

Luffy : alrigh guys lets set sail for the new world .

Chopper/Sanji : why cant we stay for some more time .

Luffy : shishishi lets go...............

MInister of Right : well do you even know how to use the log post , you will need to attach a magnet to the log-post .

*calls for a soldier*

go and get the log-magnet for the strawhats , and also bring a eternal-post for the nearest island in the new world.

Nami : a eternal-post...

Minister of Right : well your captain wants to set sail now and it will take 2 days for the log-post to get ready .

Page 7 :

Minister of Right : so you may use this eternal-post to reach the next island .

Ussup : well thats true .

Chopper : well i am going to buy some medicains .

Sanji : well i am gonna go stock up the food .

Luffy : lets head for the Sunny-go .

Nami : dont foget the treasure .

*goes towards the Sunny*

Page 8 : ( on a island in the new world )

??? : Hmm...... so the news is true , he is back .

??? : it seems so that they have grown stronger .

??? : Killer , lets head towards the next island .

( Near Sunny )

Luffy : Franky so can we set sail now .

Frank : of course Luffy , as soon as everybody return , lets head towards the new world .

Page 9 :

Nami : he (minister of Right ) told that is its a island under Kaido , i hope everything goes well .

Sanji : Nami swan i have stocked the ship with food .

Zoro : oi cook what took you so long , did you got lost .

Sanji : marimo you are the one getting lost .

Chopper *enters* : well i am ready to go .

Luffy : lets set sail .

Page 10 :

Nami : everyone come in the ship .

* Camimi and Pappug enters*

Caime : Luffy chin are all of you leaving already .

Luffy : yeah ...............

Robin : Captain come inside the ship .

Strawhats : ALRIGHT LETS GO........

Page 11 :

Sunny leave from fishmen island

Neptune : will they be alright .

Fukuboshi : father they are strong , they will be fine .

Page 12 :

( on the sea in the new world )

Some marine ships are there

Soldier 1 : why are five ships waiting over here for only a pirate crew .

Soldier 2 : Dont you know they are the trouble maker strawhats .

( back at the Sunny)

Luffy : Nami how will we go on the top .

Nami : normally we have to follow a special current which will take us out , but with sureme's help ; he (sureme) can take us directly to the top .

Ussup : will it be okay to go like this .

Luffy : Sureme go straight to the top .

Page 13 :

*Sureme is swimming towards the new world *

Zoro : hey look the suns light .

Brook : yohohohoho , i will sing my newest song under sea paradise , for for our entry to the new world .

*Sunny along with sureme bursts out on the sea*

Luffy : whaaaaa.............

Copper : So this is new world .

Page 14 :

Ussup : i am seeing the sun after such a long time .

Strawhats : *all laughs and smiles*

Luffy : Sureme you can go back to your family now .

* suddenly marine ships seen are coming towards them *


well this is my first pridction i hope you all like it ( sorry for grammital errors and spelling mistakes ) please write in this comments about its errors and how did you like it.............

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