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well if you are wondering about the title .....its just that , that sneaky smile at the end of the chapter \(*_*\)___(/*_*)/

So everyone what do you thing about tis chapter , i got really exited after this chapter and decided to make a blog about it.

here are my thoughts about this chapter :

  • Jinbe enters G-5 . ( so no more Caribu will meet Decken thing ) .
  • Luffy VS Ceaser is really good ( mainly the funny faces Ceasor makes while fighting him :D ) .
  • Wow ceaser could make a sword with oxygen *_* .
  • and Monet..... so she has a devil fruit ( which she used to make that wall thing around ceaser ) so that means that she is a harpy ( possibly made with Law's help ) .
  • Sanji VS Vergo yes i thing it will be better than luffy Vs Ceaser , but do you think that Verso will be knocked-out by Sanji or will Smoker defeat Vergo .
  • Sanji also said Vergo's devil fruit power allows him to turn his body into iron .
  • AND FINALLY THE KEY what do you think is SDA ( something that could mess up the new world ) :D :D

Everyone what do you think about this chapter and more importantly SDA

Note : sorry if you think this is a short blog and for grammatical errors.