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After the war

Well whenever I think about the revoulationary army and the war about which whitebeard spoke of of there is a question that always comes in my mind .............well some of you must be thinking what the hell am I talking about and some might have the same thing in mind .

The question is simple what will happen when the world goverment and the marines will fall , will the age of pirates also end because I think some of the big new world pirates might also take part in the war and so will the pirate era end or will a new age of pirates will begin . I Just Want All Of Your Openion Towards My Theory AkA Question .... :) :) .............................please if you think that this is not a good blog then feel free to comment below . ( sorry for the grammical errors and spelling mistakes ) so what do all of you think about this , please give me your answers and openion.........

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