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  • Jaimini626

    Good news for US fans , one piece will air on toonami sometime during 2013....I hope it gets good ratings whenever it airs...

    "Toonami has confirmed that the One Piece anime will run on Adult Swim's Toonami block. A premiere date is slated for sometime this year. The announcement was made at Toonami's question-and-answer panel at Atlanta's MomoCon on Sunday. Funimation's dub of the series previously ran on Cartoon Network's earlier version of theToonami block from 2007 to 2008 after 4Kids' adaptation ended. Funimation has beenstreaming English-subtitled episodes as they aired in Japan since 2009.

    The panel also announced that the Evangelion 1.11 cut of the Evangelion: 1.0 You Are [Not Alone] film will air as part of the block's "Toonami Birt…

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  • Jaimini626

    Happy Birthday Oda and Ace (R.I.P.)...

    Oh ! and a Happy 'New Year'.....

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  • Jaimini626

    SDA - and that smile

    September 11, 2012 by Jaimini626

    well if you are wondering about the title .....its just that , that sneaky smile at the end of the chapter \(*_*\)___(/*_*)/

    So everyone what do you thing about tis chapter , i got really exited after this chapter and decided to make a blog about it.

    here are my thoughts about this chapter :

    • Jinbe enters G-5 . ( so no more Caribu will meet Decken thing ) .
    • Luffy VS Ceaser is really good ( mainly the funny faces Ceasor makes while fighting him :D ) .
    • Wow ceaser could make a sword with oxygen *_* .
    • and Monet..... so she has a devil fruit ( which she used to make that wall thing around ceaser ) so that means that she is a harpy ( possibly made with Law's help ) .
    • Sanji VS Vergo yes i thing it will be better than luffy Vs Ceaser , but do you think t…
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  • Jaimini626

    this is about...

    March 21, 2012 by Jaimini626

    ...well never mind the blog title

    by now everyone must have heard about the new one piece movie whis is coming this december ( ►the link ) .

    also people who follow the rafteal forums or the one piece podcast must have heard about Z's ( Z is the villian for new op movie ) picture being revealed this picture : ( source of the picture )

    so now what is this blog about i tried to make the picture more clear so here it is :

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  • Jaimini626

    where is the crew

    March 15, 2012 by Jaimini626

    Can someone guess where they are : ...well where do you think are the heart pirates .

    ► are they at Punk Hazard or are they on another island . so i just wanted to discuss this with you ► do you think that law would have left his crew to become a sinchibukai as we have not seen anyone from the Heart Pirates at punk hazard .► do you think they are waiting for law inside their submarine or ► are they disguised as the suit guys .This is all i have to say......

    does anyone of you think that law is the mistermind of this punk hazard conspiracy...

    ​*will update later*

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