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Welcome to the totally not ripped off One Piece Encyclopedia Winter Hunger Games! I promised you losers a new Hunger Games some times ago, so here it is.... about two weeks late(?).

Here's how it works- while the real fictional Hunger Games randomly selects a male and a female from each of the twelve districts, this Hunger Games is different, so if you want to participate, you need to volunteer as a tribute. The first 24 people to sign up will be entered into the games, and too bad for the latecomers. I'll enter the users in a simulator, which will take care of the rest. Each day, I will post the results of 1 day of the games, and each night, I will post the results of 1 night of the games, and this will continue until we have a winner. You can check out the first Hunger Games to see how it works.

In order to sign up, you need to comment your:

Name: (your wiki username)
Nickname: (a nickname if you prefer to use one, like Jademing to Jade)
Avatar: (a direct link to your avatar)
Partners: (If you wish to be in the same district as someone put them here; if you do not choose a partner, I'll randomly select one for you)

Signups will last until either 24 people have signed up or I've decided to close the sign-up. If there's way more than 24 people signing up, I'll consider increasing the numbers of tributes to 48 (if I can figure out how...).

On a last note, I found out I can modify actions in the simulator. So if you can make up a great action, either just stumbling around the arena doing absolutely nothing, or just dying in the lamest way ever, just comment your ideas, and if I like it, I'll add it to the simulator.