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Welcome to the totally not ripped off One Piece Encyclopedia Hunger Games! The Dressrosa Arc is in its falling act now, and we're likely not going to have any more entertainment for a while, and what better way than blood and gore to liven up the wiki?

So here's how it works- while the real fictional Hunger Games randomly selects a male and a female from each of the twelve districts, this Hunger Games is different, so if you want to play, you can volunteer as a tribute. The first 24 people to sign up will be entered into the games, and too bad for the late comers. I'll enter the users in a simulator, which will take care of the rest. Each day, I will post the results of 1 day of the games, and each night, I will post the results of 1 night of the games, and this will continue until we have a winner. In order to sign up, you need to comment your:

Name: (your wiki username)
Nickname: (a nickname if you prefer to use one, like Jademing to Jade)
Avatar: (a direct link to your avatar)
Partners: (If you wish to be in the same district as someone put them here, if you do not choose a partner, I'll randomly select one for you)

Signups will last until either 24 people have signed up (do we even have enough active users?) or I've decided to close the sign-up.