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February 9, 2012
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  • Jademing

    Welcome to the totally not ripped off One Piece Encyclopedia Hunger Games! The sign ups are over and the event now begins.

    Before you whine about how pathetic you are in the games, the games is run by a simulator, and I can't do anything to influence the games in any way, so suck it up. And if for whatever reason you didn't read my sign up blog, each day, I will post the results of that day of the games, and each night, I will post the results of that night of the games, and this will continue until we have a winner. All updates will be posted in this blog, so make sure to check this blog. And with that, let the Hunger Games begin!

    Lol, I accidentally published this too early, but oh well. The bloodbath wasn't as bloody as I hoped, but whate…

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  • Jademing

    Welcome to the totally not ripped off One Piece Encyclopedia Hunger Games! The Dressrosa Arc is in its falling act now, and we're likely not going to have any more entertainment for a while, and what better way than blood and gore to liven up the wiki?

    So here's how it works- while the real fictional Hunger Games randomly selects a male and a female from each of the twelve districts, this Hunger Games is different, so if you want to play, you can volunteer as a tribute. The first 24 people to sign up will be entered into the games, and too bad for the late comers. I'll enter the users in a simulator, which will take care of the rest. Each day, I will post the results of 1 day of the games, and each night, I will post the results of 1 night …

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  • Jademing

    A Guide On Editing

    September 11, 2014 by Jademing

    We recently hit 4,000 articles, and nearly 16,000 files! That is a staggering amount of articles and files, and I'd like to congratulate all of the wonderful editors who helped us reach our latest milestone! Hooray for us! =D

    Unfortunately, despite hitting a fantastic milestone, there is a severe lack of active editors in our community in the past several months. So I've decided to make this blog to encourage editing among non-editors and help those who are new to editing.

    This is for all beginners, or people who are thinking about editing, but veteran editors are encouraged to read this as well.

    All rules can be found on One Piece Encyclopedia Guidebook. You can find the rules for editing here, images here, all page layouts here, guidelines …

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  • Jademing

    Ask Oda!

    March 17, 2012 by Jademing

    Alright, this blog is basically about what if you have the chance to ask Oda anything? What would the question be? Don't be afraid to post the questions! The questions can be anything, about himself, the world, One Piece, or just that random dog barking out in the street. Go ahead and post the questions now, be free to post whatever you want.

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  • Jademing

    Ahoy guys! This is Jade, one of the newbies on here. Anyway, I'll get to the point of this blog: my Oda is terrible at math theory.

    Now, when I was re-reading the Thriller Bark Arc, I realized that Brook mentioned that he heard of Gol D. Roger, 50 years ago or so, as a rookie. It seemed odd to me, but then I realized just how old Roger must be. Naturally, I grabbed the closest calculator and did the math, just to make sure. Now you do the math xD Even if Roger was a pirate apprentice, like Shanks and Buggy, he would had to be at least 60 years old when he died. And even if Roger was a fully grown adult, then he had to be at least 70 years old when he died.

    Now, a 60 years old dude who conquered the Grand Line? Freaking awesome. Banging a hot…

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