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1. Guys would you please make a page about this doflamingo's hench man named 'Sanshitta-san' he was semi bald with flat nose and sun glasses and he works mainly in the smile factory. Back then with a scene with a certain dwarf, he's abusing the guillibility of the little one like he's telling them that the fruit their harvesting is for the cure of princess mansherry's sickness. In which, the dwarf said, "you're so kind sanshitta san".

2. Franky's epithet was not just 'cyborg' or 'saibogu Furanki' anymore. As i heard from the barto club while proclaiming the bounties, they're saying 'tetsu jin' which translates to 'Iron Man'. I heard it also from several others tho i forgot who exactly they are. So i guess its safe to put 'Iron Man Franky' as his new additional epithet to his page.

3. This may look a bit bossy on my part, but please, kindly be fast in filling up the latest sbs articles bacause some of them were left out incomplete like it was already years ago and yet it wasn't complete yet while i can see in some other websites that its complete already and its with pictures.

4. Put in the trivia section the uniqueness of brooks and sanjis bounty.

5. As much as i would like to edit, i just dont want to mess things up and im not an admin and i dont wish to be one, i prefer myself requesting every now and then.