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The following are Not spoilers, they are all what I wanted to happen.. But who Am I to decide? Hahah please read.

-Sanji and Jack have a brutal fight, Sanji was heavily wounded but not defeated at all. He can still fight but he can't stand the sight of Minks getting beaten by Jack's men. With that, he decided to surrender himself to Jack in exchange for Mink tribes safety. Momo and Caesar were also caught because Jack's crew are after them in the first place. Of course Brook will never leave them behind and somehow, sneaked In, to look after the trio. As jack was on his way to their main base, the news about Doflamingo's defeat reaches him. He also realized that Sanji was wanted only alive so he thought that what he got was really complete package of hostages. So with that, he took a detour and aimed to release Doffy from the marines. He was defeated by the Issho and Sengoku. Jack, Sanji, Caesar, and Momo, and of course brook, were all caught and sent to Impel down. You know what's gonna happen next, another Impel Down Escapade but this time: Mr. 2 will be released, Jinbe will aid the Strawhats, and somehow I think Buggy and his men will be involve again. Mr. 2 and Jinbei will join the strawhats and this event will mark as another epic escape by the strawhat crew. The twist is this, The 3 supernova whom faced Kaido, were also in Impel down.... That's it for now folks.