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  • J.hustlah08

    Narrator: the Great God of Lightning, Enel, is considered to be one of the most dangerous individual in the world. Upon the emergence of his infamy together with his powerful robotic legion, the Spaceys, the WG put a massive 600 million belly in his head, they also offered a slot in the Shichibukai in which Enel accepts immediately because he just want to play games in the blue blue sea and avange his only defeat from a certain man... He just dont want the marines to be in his way.

    Brannew (shocked and scared): Enel kami sama??? Do you really stroll around the entire city? Its forbidden you know?

    Enel: forbidden? I am a God. You sure about prohibiting me? By the way, that old man Vegapunk just met me and he borrowed some energy from me.


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  • J.hustlah08

    Scene: the latest Shichibukai meeting will be held once again in the holy land Mariejois weeks before the reverie. Brannew is present and he's there to introduce the new 3 shichibukais. The Big Top that contains buggys main crew and some army from his Delivery was seen parked outside beside a ship that contains a massive fleet of masked pirates and bounty hunters and also this vessel is familiar to all of us, The Sexy Foxy. Above the two ships is a floating golden ark, the flying ship Maxim. Going back inside the building.

    Brannew (Heavily tensed and nervous): Buggy sama and foxy sama, please be relaxed...

    Buggy: (in his huge new world look) OF ALL PEOPLE!! Why are you here!!!

    Foxy: (with an eyepatch on his right eye and scars all over his bo…

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  • J.hustlah08

    1. Guys would you please make a page about this doflamingo's hench man named 'Sanshitta-san' he was semi bald with flat nose and sun glasses and he works mainly in the smile factory. Back then with a scene with a certain dwarf, he's abusing the guillibility of the little one like he's telling them that the fruit their harvesting is for the cure of princess mansherry's sickness. In which, the dwarf said, "you're so kind sanshitta san".

    2. Franky's epithet was not just 'cyborg' or 'saibogu Furanki' anymore. As i heard from the barto club while proclaiming the bounties, they're saying 'tetsu jin' which translates to 'Iron Man'. I heard it also from several others tho i forgot who exactly they are. So i guess its safe to put 'Iron Man Franky' a…

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  • J.hustlah08

    This blog is about the Awakening of Devil Fruits. At this point, only the Head Jailers and Doflamingo Himself are proven to have their abilities "Awakened". However in my own opinion, there already several people who have shown to awakened their abilities already but not mentioned to be one. But first, going back to what Doflamingo said, once an ability user "Awakened" his or her curse fruit powers, they will be able to improve their abilities to the next level up to a point that they will affect their surroundings. I guess his right, but for Paramecia, Zoan, Logia, in my opinion once again, it's quite different to certain degrees, like for me, Paramecia people will be able to affect their surroundings, Logia will attain new monstrous tran…

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  • J.hustlah08

    Coup de Burst Plothole.

    November 30, 2015 by J.hustlah08

    Back in Chapter 724, out of sheer nervousness and fear of Doflamingo, Chopper was able to pull off the Coup de Burst. Now recently in Chapter 807, while facing Big Mam in flashback, Chopper said, he couldn't facilitate the mechanism. Does it mean Chopper feared Doffy more than the entire Big Mam Pirate crew or a plothole? For another between the line aspect, does it mean Chopper doesn't know how to reload the Coup de Burst? because From what I know, it requires reload so since Franky wasn't there, then Chopper could not execute another Coup de Burst. I hope I answered my own question through number 2 speculation but if it's right then the translation is wrong or somehow right but lacking something. Anyway, It's plothole until you have some…

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