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Zoro vs. Sanji Fight Prediction

Here we go guys, Zoro vs. Sanji:

In the middle of the ocean the Straw Hat pirates are sailing about:

  • zoro is on the side of the ship fishing asleep*
  • sanji walks comes out of the kitchen*

Sanji: eh swordsman, time to eat.


Sanji: EH MARIMO, THE FOODS READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoro:*snoring even louder*......................

Sanji: WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sanji appears behind the sleeping zoro, with his right leg up in the sky*

Sanji: Poêlé: Marimo(pan seared: seaweed ball)

  • sanji brings his leg down with force onto zoros head*
  • right before the leg lands, zoro catches it with his right hand*

Sanji: huh?(theres no way he should have caught that)

Zoro:*still sleeping* c'mon hawk-eye not so early in the morning.

Sanji: YOUR STILL SLEEPING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • with his right leg caught, sanji swings his left leg over to kick zoro on the left side of his head*

Zoro:*sleep talking* not this time

  • zoro blocks the oncoming kick*


  • zoro suddenly wakes up and yawns, then looks up over his head*

Zoro:*looks at sanji who is over his head looking at him*...............................what the hell are you doing?

Sanji: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sanji head butts the up-looking zoro*

Zoro: WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanji:*angirly*The food was ready and you were asleep

Zoro: oh.....................................well why didnt you wake me up?

Sanji: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoro:(with a cocky attitude) eh, dont talk to your superior officer like that


Zoro:*unsheathes one of his swords* you wanna use my sword?

Sanji: RRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sanji pulls his stretched out right leg in and gets ready front kick zoro*
  • zoro appears in front of sanji and blocks his kick with his sword before he even throws it*

Zoro:*with an evil face* you dont wanna do that.

Sanji:*also with an evil face* and why not?

Zoro:*with an evil face* you dont wanna know

Sanji: dont get cocky

  • sanjis leg starts to heat up*

Zoro: ohhh whats this?

Sanji: RAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • an explosion occurs in the middle of their clash*
  • all the straw hats run out of the kitchen to see what happened*

Chopper: WHATS GO ON?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Franky: are we being attacked?

Usopp:*points at the smoke thats starting to clear* LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sanji and zoro are seen facing each other*

Nami: what are you idiots doing?

Sanji: FRANKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Franky: huh?

Sanji: bring us to that island island over there*points at a nearby jungle island*

Nami: That island is not on our schedu............

Sanji: FRANKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just do as i say

  • all the straw hats have shocked faces*

Usopp: did sanji just interrupt nami?

Robin: hmmmmm, interesting

Franky: you got it

  • franky brings the ship to the shore of the jungle island*
  • sanji jumps off and starts walking to the shore*

Brook: SANJI-KUN WHATS WRONG?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanji:*throws his cigarette to the ground and puts it out* i think its time we got something out of the way.

Nami: Whats that?

Sanji: who is second in command.

  • all the straw hats have angry/shocked faces*

Nami: THIS IS WHAT YOU MADE US STOP FOR?!!!!!!!!!!!! zoro dont tell me yo........

  • zoro is already on the shore facing sanji*

Nami: AHHHHHHH, shoulda known. Sanji i forbid you to fight zoro

  • sanji looks at nami*

Sanji: BUT NAMI-SWAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoro:*with a cocky face* you better listen to her

Sanji:*sanjis face quickly gets serious and stares at zoro*................................sorry nami, im gonna have to disobey you

  • again all the straw hats faces are shocked*

Nami: WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nami gets ready to attack sanji but usopp,chopper, and brook are holding her back*
  • out of nowhere luffy walks out of the kitchen*

Luffy: hey, whats going on?

Usopp:*with a shocked face* did you hear the explosion?

Luffy: what explosion?

Usopp:*with a hopeless face* never mind

Luffy:*spots zoro and sanji faceing each other on the shore* OOOOOOOOOOO whats going on over there?

Usopp: sanji wants to fight zoro to see who is second in command.

Luffy: OOOOOOOOO looks like fun, this is gonna be good.

Brook: Luffy-san, you dont care that two of your nakama are fighting?

Luffy: no its fine, i knew these two were gonna fight sooner or later.*puts his finger under his nose and smiles* im just glad its now

Usopp:*puts his finger it his lips* SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, its starting

  • zoro and sanji face each other and stare at each other for about a minute. then, suddenly sanji starts to move*

Sanji: White Walk

  • sanji zooms left to right through the sand at zoro*

Sanji:*appears infront of zoro* Bien Cuit: Grill Shot(Well Cooked: Grill Shot)

  • sanjis left leg instantly heats up and sends a heated kick at zoros face*

Zoro:*unsheathes one sword* Ittoryu Ogi: Rapuchā(One Sword Style Secret Technique: Rapture)

  • zoro and sanji strike through eachother and are facing eachother back to back*
  • it is quiet for a moment, then suddenly the ground starts to shake and the ground under zoro and sanji explodes*
  • both zoro and sanji jump out of the smoke cloud*

Zoro: looks like hes serious*unsheathes another sword* i guess ill get serious too.

  • zoro jumps up in the air with two swords out*
  • sanji appears behind zoro facing his back and swings his right heated leg at zoros right side*
  • zoro turns his body to the right and blocks the kick with both swords*

Zoro:*struggling to block sanjis kick* you've gotten stronger

Sanji: hmp, i could say the same about you but i'd be lying

Zoro: dont get cocky

Sanji:*brings his left, also heated, leg up into the sky* and why not?

Zoro: shit!!!!!!!

Sanji: Poêlé: Marimo

  • sanji brings the heated kick down on zoros head, sending him rocketing to the ground*

Brook:*with a shocked face* ZORO-SENPAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanji:*still in mid-air* hmp, if you cant stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

Zoro:*in the dust cloud* Nanatoryu(Seven Swords style)

Sanji: huh?

Zoro: Ogi: Yamata no Orochi(Secret Technique: Yamata Dragon)

  • as the dust clears zoro has seven arms*

Luffy: OOOOOOOOOOO cool!!!!!!!!!!

Sanji: what the hell?

Zoro: RAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zoro starts to swing his swords around at sanji thus sending a shit storm of red snake-head blasts at sanji who is still in mid-air*
  • sanji cocks both legs in and transfers the flame from his left leg, all to his right makeing it go ablaze*

Sanji: Gril Haché(Gridiron Mincemeat)

  • sanji starts to kick all the snake heads coming at him with his right foot*

Sanji: RAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • an explosion occurs in the sky as zoro stops firing the snake heads*
  • sanji jumps down to the ground with his right leg stil ablaze*

Sanji:*looking for zoro* where the hell is he?

Zoro:*behind sanji* Nanatoryu(Seven Swords Style)

Sanji:*turning his body clockwise with his right blazing leg ready to kick* Plus cuits: Rôti de Four(Over Cooked: Oven Roast)

Zoro: Ogi: Nana sen sekai(Secret Technique: Seven Thousand Worlds)

  • zoro and sanji again clash through each other, facing back to back*
  • again, utter silence*



  • the entire island explodes sending the thousand sunny rocketing back*


Franky:*at the helm* HOLD ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chopper: WAIT WHAT ABOUT SANJI AND ZORO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanji: Blue Walk

  • sanji kicks himself forward across the water and lands on the thousand sunny*

Brook: WHERES ZORO?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

?????: Hyakusen Pound Ho(1000 Pound Phoenix/Cannon)

  • a massive explosion occurs in the water, and zoro is seen rocketing out of the water explosion and lands on the ship in a huge trail of water*

Zoro: That was close

Nami: IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nami KOs zoro who falls right next to sanji who is all beat up*

Zoro/Sanji:*with wrecked faces* What did we do?


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