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as the title suggests, this blog is to create and tell me you perfect devil fruit. heres mine, now i put alot of thought into mine so bear with me:

Name: genshi genshi no mi (english: atom atom fruit)

Description: I am able to control and manipulate atoms. I can take an object and manipulate its atoms and turn it into something else. for example, i can take a hammer and manipulate it to become a knife or a sickle. i can also just dematerialize an object or a person completely(within my range). the stronger i am the farther my range is.i can also dematerialize myself and rematerialize anywhere i want(some what like teleportation). with a wave of my arm i can dematerialize anything or anybody within my range. finally, for my most powerful technique, you all should know what happens when someone splits an atom? BOOM!!!!!. but i probably wouldnt use it since i would probably be within the explosions range. i would only use in EXTREME situations.

so thats my devil fruit, whats yours?