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I have to say, the Yami Yami no Mi intrigues me the most out of all the devil fruits in One Piece. It is so mysterious and yet seemimly simple. I believe there is more than meets the eye with that fruit and that it could be a very powerful ability if used right and trained enough. Since blackbeard had only recently gotten that fruit power(before time-skip) we havent seen its full potential. I think its powers were one reason why he was able to take WBs power. i believe he used his powers to absorb WBs quake abilites completely and take'em for himself. On that note, if he can absorb anything as he said, then wouldnt it be possible that could metabolize energy into greater physical attributes. basically meaning he could abosrb kinetic energy. just like sebastian shaw from the marvel comics and if you know him and saw the movie x-men first class then you know how powerful his power is. if blackbeard could do that he couldnt be all(unless hes facing a haki user). no punch,no kick,cannon ball,or bullet would hurt him since he would absorb the energy of that attack and even could send it back as in his attack, liberation. just like sebastion shaw could. a final thought for BBs DF capabilities, i think its a flaw where he has to actually have a hold of his opponent to disable their DF powers. i know kurouza helps but still. it could be possible if he trained his DF enough, he could emit an aura that disables DF powers from the range he selects. if he could do that then he could definitely be a yonko level fighter and i think could fight an admiral head on. sure he'd have to lose some pounds but its still something to think about. what do you guys think?