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THIS IS NOT A POWER BLOG..................its worse.........its a VS. blog. todays match is:

Dracule Mihawk Anime Infobox

Dracule Mihawk

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Donquixote Doflamingo

Summary: IMO these two are the strongest Shichibukai.They havent been seen beaten at all and have shown only to have some difficulty with even the strongest of opponents. Mihawk is the worlds strongest swordsman and we have seen how amazing his swordsmanship is and his power with his sword. Doflamingo still has the mysterious power but it has to do with puppetry with some type of wires(still a theory). He really hasnt been seen ever being countered or matched but yet we havent seen him fight a top tier opponent head to head. His powers may be mysterious, but we know he is one of the strongest characters in one piece as is Mihawk. Both are just so damn strong and both are just so evenly matched that this is a tough choice even for the most hardcore One Piece. Let the vote begin:

Who wins?

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