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Whitebeard vs. Enel

Heres just a random pred. that i thought up:

  • on the Whitebeard Pirates ship a massive lightning explosion occurs*


Whitebeard: eh?

Enel:*walking out of the dust cloud* so your the famous whitebeard huh? no much of a beard

Whitebeard: Oi, watch it there brat

Enel: or what? you couldnt beat me even if you tried

Marco: hey asshole, you better watch who your talking to. also, if your lookin for a fight ill take you

Jozu: back up Marco, hes mine

Enel: now now, ill get to you bugs in a second. first ill take care of this geezer

Whitebeard:*getting up and drinking the rest of his sake* ahhhhhhhhh, alright im rea.............

Enel:Max 200 Million Volt Vari

  • a massive stream of lighting is sent at whitebeard and completely electrocutes him*

Whitebeard Pirates: POPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enel: Yahahahaha that was the great whitebeard? Yahahahaha

Whitebeard: are you done now?

Enel: huh?

  • as the dust clears whitebeard is standing firm with his mustache all frizzy from the electricity*

Whitebeard: Oi thunder brat, you ruined my beard

Enel: beard? thats barely even a mustache

  • suddenly all the whitebeard pirates faces are in shock*


  • all the whitebeard pirates suddenly run in panic and jump off the ship*

Enel: Yahaha whats with th.............

  • a furious whitebeard suddenly appears in front of enel and delivers a massive quake punch destroying the entire mody dick*


  • as the dust settles again enel is floating in the water unconscious with whitebeard standing on a large piece of wood while combing his mustache*

Whitebeard:*combing his mustache* not a beard my ass


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