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If you were a pirate captain and you had your own crew and a ship and you were sailing the high seas what kind of captain would you be and what would your "management style be"?

Here is if i was a captain:

If i had a crew it would be all about control and ruling with an iron fist. a dictatorship and martial law together in one. i am the general and they are the soldiers. i wouldnt let just anyone in my crew. if someone wanted to be in my crew they would have to prove their worth and fight one of my current crew members to the death. the winner and the one alive in the end would be in my crew. if i thought a crew member was weak or not an asset i would kill them off instantly with no remorse. i have goals and i dont need pussies and weaklings in my crew. if one of my crew members were to be defeated in a battle by someone else i would ask them if they wanted to be in my crew. if they refuse i would kill them then kill my crew mate that lost. again, i dont want pussies. like WB everyone would be on a ranking system so that they would care for their jobs. they would all be assigned a number(my ideal amount of crew members would be 50). 30 and above would be the workers and laborers who do the dirty work and the manual labor. the 20s would be the the 2nd rank officers in charge of the 30s and above. the 10s would be the main members and the strongest in the crew. the only way you advance in rank is if you beat a higher member than you in a challenge. it doesnt have to be a fight but nothing stupid and something only i can agree on. also, i wouldnt want just one ship and a crew. i would want an entire fleet or armada of ships. just to fuck ship and and terrorized the seas. those who mock me or my crew die. if anyone questions me or mocks me or patronizes me, they die. no remorse and no mercy(depending on what they said, if it wasnt that insulting then they spend 10 day in the brig max but other than that, death).

so........thats me. now, what kind of captain are you?