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Yea i know the title is cheesy but bear with me. Im here to talk about an aspect of anime that barely anyone looks for when they try a new show out. Comedy, One Piece has alot of it and i wanna know what in anime really makes you crack up or "gives you the giggles".

What makes me laugh in anime is when a badass character does casual everyday activities and their reaction to it. Im not talking about zoro badass cause zoro knows how to have a good time. he actually laughs and jokes around sometimes with his crew mates. im talking about badass, like someone who doesnt know how to have a good time and the only time they crack a smile is when their either hurting someone or their patronizing them. such as akainu. i would literally bust a gut seeing akainu at a parent teacher conference with the other parents or akainu watching his kid play in sports and just god randy marsh on them then argue with other parents on how their kid sucks and his is the best. or akainu and his family sitting at the dinner table talking about god knows what. or maybe even things such as taking things too seriously like an intense game of checkers. stuff like that. Here is a list of guys i wanna see doing everyday, casual activities:


Laxus(Fairy Tail)







etc.(gotta think of more later, kinda mind-blocked right now)

so...............anime wise, what gives you the "giggles"?

You knew it was coming

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