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What was whitebeard thinking? y didnt he just try to rescue ace when he was in impel down? there were only 10 battle ships guarding it and WB had a fleet of 42 ships. he could've just had his crew enter impel down and the allies from the new world hold back the ships that the marines would've probably sent from marineford. once in impel down the wb pirates and commanders would've easily defeated the the guards and marines. plus, they could've set the prisoners that were already there free to fight with them. the main resistance would've been the blue gorillas,demon guards,and the main staff officers. they would be easy pickings for the commanders and WB. the main concern would be magellan, but WB could beat him with 1 quake punch. since luffy would be there too he would have his allies(jinbe,ivankov,inazuma,mr.2,and newkama) attacking from the bottom of impel down so thats a 2 pronged attack from both sides. ace would've probably been saved and with limited casualties. Theres my peace, wat do u guys think?