One Piece Encyclopedia


The world of One Piece has been reversed

imagine if the entire world of one piece was reversed. as in all the current and past marines were former and current pirates. and all the current and former pirates were old and new marines:

Marines & WG

Sengoku: old era yonkou

Garp: Former dead pirate king

3 admirals: the other 3 yonkou

Kong: revolutionionairy leader

Dragon:WG commander-in-cheif

vice-admirals: famous new world captains

coby and helmeppo: up incoming pirates

CP9: supernovas


Gol D. Roger: marine hero

Whitebeard: fleet-admiral

current yonkou: admirals

supernovas or new world captains: vice-admirals or CP9

Staw Hat pirates: up incoming marines

im sure i missed alot

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