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Here are what i think would be the perfect match-ups for shichibukai vs. akatsuki. plus, why i picked that match-up(this will have every shichibukai, including forrmer and new):

Mihawk vs. Itachi why:both the quiet types and both have something going on with their eyes

Jinbe vs. Kisame why:both are half human half fish, so it'll be a shark battle

Gekko Moriah vs. Hidan and Kakuzu why:kisame called H&K zombie bros. and moriah is big on zombies

Blackbeard vs. Pain why:both are big villans and gravitational powers

Doflamingo vs. Sasori why:both are puppeteers

Kuma vs. Deidara why:both have something going on with the palms of their hands

Boa Hancock vs. Konan why:both females

Crocodile vs. Zetsu why:no reason. just nobody left.